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Lonely hearts failed, exhausted. Spralsey and Alan are sitting by the pond, waiting for their perfect catch. When assures that their Russian beauties are perfect wife material the men are hooked. It soon becomes clear that emailing, phoning and chatting just aren't enough. The men go on a mission to Moscow to find the perfect one. But can they meet the ultimate solution to end their profound loneliness?

Catch was researched and devised in Moscow. It explores the Russian mail order bride industry from the Western man’s point of view. The play is semi-verbatim and based on real life experiences of men and women engaged in the industry. Catch merges text, music and physical theatre to create a frenetic and highly energised theatrical event.

“A fantastic take on a fast growing and potentially great problem for society, explored in wonderful theatre”
Broadway Baby on Catch

“Pin the Tale have a grand career ahead of them”
British Theatre Guide on Catch

“Hugely enjoyable”
Three Weeks on Catch

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Catch premiered at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2009 and will do a UK tour as part of a double bill with Ulov in autum 2010.

Susan Momoko Hingley
Emmy Sainsbury

Ragga Dahl Johansen

Sound Creator and music supervisor
Ian Rhys Jenkins

Asbjørn Hemmingsen

Scenic Artist
Anna Jones

Andrea Pierides

Devised and written by the company

All images by Owain Shaw


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