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All images by Kamal Prashar


"I want to take you on a journey. Show you my world... One with no beginning. I'm not sure where I'm headed. Come join me for the ride..."

From a puddle to the ocean, from a tap to the toilet, water is everywhere we go. Sometimes we don't have enough of it, other times we can't get away from it. Love it or hate it, we can't survive without it.
Get your umbrella out and put your wellies on as we journey through the cycle of water from the perspective of a water droplet.

Splash! is the first collaboration between Pin the Tale and writer Andrea Pierides. Playful and inventive, Splash! explores the world of a water droplet and its cycle.

Commisioned by Lyric Hammersmith, Greenwich and Dockland's International Festival, Watford Palace and Latitude Festival 2013.

Performance dates:
» Lyric Hammersmith's Theatre in the Square  
(28 - 29th May)

» Greenwich and Dockland's International Festival
(22nd - 23rd June)

» Watford Place Theatre's Imagine Watford
(29th - 30th June)

» Latitude Festival
(18th -21st July).

Susan Momoko Hingley
Hannah Barter
Francis Woolf

Ragga Dahl Johansen

Andrea Pierides

Ian Rhys Jenkins

Helen Coyston

Image Benoit Paillé / Getty Images

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